Carrie Blackburn


skeleton with clay and tabs

1st and 2nd hour:Biomedical Sciences
Human Body Systems
3rd, 5th, 6th hour:
Honors Anatomy and Physiology

Room: 202


Human Body Systems:  HBS is level 2 Biomedical Science class where we will begin to lean about most of the human body systems by researching and analyzing real life scenerios.  This class puts the learning on you as the student and there will be many activities, projects, and presentations throughout the year.  There is a lot of group work in this class.

Honors Anatomy and Physiology: This class will take you through each of the body systems. This class goes much deeper into the systems.  There will be dissections and practical exams throughout this course.  

About Me

I grew up in Wisconsin.  I majored in Kinesiology and graduated from the University of Minnesota.  I am a licensed athletic trainer (sports med). At the U of M I was a student athletic trainer for football, baseball, and hockey.   I received my Masters in Education from Arizona State University.  While I was in grad school, I was the athletic trainer responsible for the Women's Soccer Team.

After graduating I worked in a physical therapy clinic and was an outreach athletic trainer at Chandler High School.  I am married to Matt Blackburn and we have 2 amazing kids. 

I taught Anatomy and Physiology at Mountain View High School for 10 years. I have also taught Sports Medicine I, Biology, and Human Body Systems for the Biomedical Science Program here at Campo Verde High School.

I started teaching here at Campo in 2014 and love it here!  I love to teach kids about how their body functions and how we can take care of ourselves.  

In my free time... I like about anything with water. Take me to a lake, a river, an ocean... and I am happy.  I love spending time with my family and friends.  I like to hike and be active.