Frequently Asked Questions

--When can I come to the library?--

                Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday: 7:15-3:00

                Wednesday: 7:15-1:30

*During class hours you need a pass from your teacher.

--How do I check out a book?--

                You will need your ID card.

--How many books can I check out?--

                You are allowed to have 3 books out total.  If you have
           fines, you will not be allowed to check out 
           books until the fine is paid.

--How can I prevent accruing any library fines?--

                The check-out period is 2 weeks long. If you need the
           book longer, come into the library with your book to
           renew it for another 2 week period.  If you do not renew
           or turn the book in within the 2 week period, you will
           get a $0.10 cent fine per day, per book.
                You have the option of getting a receipt with the due
           date of the book when you check out the book.

--Can I charge my Chromebook in the library?--
                Yes, you can charge your Chromebook before school or during your lunch.

--What do I need to do to use a desktop computer?--

                Check in at the circulation desk to be assigned a

--What are the fees for printing?--

                Black and white= free

                Color= $0.25 cents per page

--Are there textbooks in the library?--

                Yes, the library has all textbooks available for use in the

--What is the difference between the Bookstore and the Library?--

                -The Library has a wide array of books and resources
            for check-out.

                -The Bookstore helps students with a variety of school
            processes including issuing textbooks and 
class novels,
            purchasing dance/theater tickets, purchasing PE
            clothes, etc.

--Can I make a copy?--

                Yes, see any of the library staff to receive assistance. 

Black and white= free

                Color= $0.25 cents per page


--May I use my phone in the library?--

                Students may use their phone for school purposes. 
   However, no phone calls are allowed.

--What do I do with outside food?--

                Enjoy your food before you come into the library.

--I have release time, may I use the library?--

                You may sign in at the circulation desk and use
           the library.

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