Stephen Wood

Lt Col Steve Wood

Lt Col Steve Wood

"A" Hour - Drill Team
1st Period - History of Flight
2nd Period - Science of Flight
3rd Period - Senior Options
4th Period - Exploration of Space
5th Period - Lunch
6th Period - Teacher Prep Hour
7th Period - Survive and Return

Portable 1

480-545-3100, x 6789

Welcome to AFJROTC!
First, realize we are NOT a recruiting service for the military!  We are here to teach life skills to our students!  The "core subject" teachers will help the student reach graduation by ensuring they master the "core subjects." AFJROTC instructors are here to teach a little science, mathematics, history, as well as leadership. It is the leadership aspect of JROTC that prepares the student for the day AFTER graduation! Finance, budgeting, public speaking, resume building, interview skills; all are items taught in our leadership curriculum.  And a lot more...come on down and check us out!

About Me

I am the son and grandson of military officers. I was fortunate enough to attend the air force academy and upon graduation, to become an air force pilot. I've been blessed over the years to fly a number of different aircraft: KC-135's (A, C, E, Q, R) as well as the F-15C/D, and T-38A. In my non-military career I've been an air ambulance pilot, an engineer for a semiconductor company, a computer designer, as well as a government training instructor. I've also served as an admissions officer for the air force academy, in Arizona, for 22 years and I love helping young men and women to achieve their goals, whatever they may be!  My "job" (is something you love really a job?) at Campo allows me to work with some great people; both teachers and students, and I love seeing their success!  As the "old guy" on campus, it's exciting to see their success and to imagine the future!!

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