Melissa DiDiana

Subject: Special Education/Math
Room: Portable 9


2017/2018 School Year Classes I will be teaching are as follows:

1st Curriculum Support Class/Organization
2nd Transmath 2
3rd Curriculum Support Class/Math
4th Transmath 3
7th Curriculum Support/Organization 

My Education

    Bachelors of Science in Social Psychology - Human Development -- Park University
    Masters of Arts in Human Services - Marriage and Family Counseling -- Liberty University
    Masters of Teaching in Special education -- Liberty University

    About Me

    • I spent 4 years serving in the Air Force as an Engineering Assistant in which I was in Iraq for 6 months.
    • I have been a foster parent of teen boys for 7 years, adopted 2 of them into our family. 
    • I have been married for 10 years and have 5 children ranging from ages 1 to 20.
    • I enjoy reading, watching movies, and spending time with my family.
    • I have been teaching for 3 years and 2 years at CVHS.