Lauren Eaton

Lauren Eaton

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English III/AP Language and Composition



Welcome scholars! My name is Lauren Eaton and I am thrilled to work alongside Campo students this year. I graduated with a degree in English Secondary Education from the Honors Program at NAU. I first realized my passion for teaching while tutoring at NAU's Honors Writing Center, where I witnessed just how powerful collaboration and workshops are when refining communication skills.

I am excited to bring this type of writing and reading environment to the English 9 and AP Lang classroom! In addition to sharpening our reading and writing skills, we will be exploring, discovering, discussing, and questioning the role language plays in illuminating the past, guiding the present, and shaping the future. I also advise the League of Literary Legends Creative Writing Club here on campus. All students who are avid writers, or who are just looking for a creative outlet after school, are welcome to come check it out and be a part of our eclectic "League!"

Ernest Hemingway once said there was nothing more frightening than a blank piece of paper. In this classroom, we will not view the blank piece paper as a horror; rather, we will embrace it as a clean slate, waiting for us to write the stories that expose today’s truths, and craft the arguments that propose the solutions needed to create a better tomorrow.

1st period = AP Lang 2nd period = English III

3rd period = AP Lang

4th period = Lunch

5th period = English III

6th period = AP Lang

7th Period = Prep

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