Dave Bargman


Picture of Mr. B!

Visual Arts:

Art and Design I- 1st, and 6th

Cartooning 1 & 2- 2nd

Art 2: Drawing, Art 2: Painting,  
and AP Art- 4th

Ceramics 1 & 2- 7th

Room 306, (305- 7th)



Art and Design I is an Level 1 class that introduces and explores the elements and principles of design related to Drawing and Painting. Topics covered include: Perspective, Portraiture, Color/Value, Space, Shape, Pattern, Line and well as corresponding artist and art history related material.

Art 2: Drawing, Art 2: Painting and Cartooning and Level 2 classes that delve deeper into their respective topics with a focus on meaning and greater technical skill.

AP Art is a Level 3 class which is more student driven with work going towards building a portfolio of work to be submitted to the College Board in order to earn potential College Credit.

About Me

         I am product of Gilbert Public Schools and graduated from GHS in 91. I am currently in my 20th year of teaching, all within the district. I am a self-professed "Comic Nerd" and movie buff. I collect art, comics and tiki mugs. I am a fan of Disneyland and make several pilgrimages each year. I enjoy swimming, DIY and of course creating my own artwork. Welcome to my class and I look forward to helping you improve your skills in Art!